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“The time has come,” the Walrus said, “To talk of many things: Of shoes—and ships—and sealing wax— Of cabbages—and kings— And why the sea is boiling hot— And whether pigs have wings.” (Lewis Carroll)

Friday, March 24, 2006

Who Knew...

...that people in bars might get married? uh, no. dressed? nope. even? sometimes. But that's not it either.

Oh, yeah, drunk!!

So now Texas is arresting people for getting drunk---in bars!!

Even Madison is not that loony toons! Okay, we banned smoking in bars and bowling alleys. We even banned smoking in cigar bars! But we repealed it (the cigar bar thing, not the rest)!! But Madison is in Wisconsin--we drink lots of beer and brandy. We expect people to get drunk in bars! In fact for college students, that's the reason they go to bars!!

From every Texan (especially one who shall remain nameless, but his initials are HDD) who has derided Madison as as oasis surrounded by reality, I request a humble apology. (You could get away with it, if it were only Austin, but it's not, it's the whole state!)

Next thing you know someone will figure out that we eat too much in restaurants!! and we watch R-rated movies in theatres!! and we shoot guns during hunting season (nah, I won't go there, it's too easy)!! and we don't even want to think about what we do in bathrooms! Where will it ever end!!